About Us

We started PAYG as a means for small business to grow their business by having a greater online presence.

Let’s face it when running a small business you don’t have time to build your own website and you certainly can’t afford these glamourous boutique agencies that will charge you thousands for building you a website. Even the so called DIY websites will likely still see you employ a consultant to create a website and will undoubtably still involve a significant amount time from you. Then there is the upkeep, optimisation etc. The list goes on.

PAYG is different. PAYG is the best of both worlds. We do it all end-to-end for you and charge less than DIY website builders.

We apply our learnings and experience and make it applicable to small business allowing us to build websites that are cost effective and equal if not better than bigger companies.

“We built PAYG website as a fully managed website solution which includes everything needed to run a small business website.”